Confronting the Greek Dictatorship in the U.S.

Years of Exile: A Personal Diary (1968-1975)

by Orestis E. Vidalis

The bookís author, retired Lt. General Orestis E. Vidalis, during the years of his self-exile in the United States, dedicated all his efforts to restoring democracy in Greece which was then under military rule. Orestis E. Vidalis made a conscious choice to leave Greece because he believed that the country was at a terrible impasse and that his responsibility, as well as that of all Greeks, was to do the utmost to reinstate democracy. The book derives from the authorís efforts to that effect within the complex American environment. He provides an account of his endless endeavors, the fluctuation of feelings between gratification and frustration, and his patience and perseverance in what was an un-orthodox struggle for a Greek Officer. This historical diary reveals unknown events and provides evidence related to the authorís activities, as well as those of others who, fighting in the United States for the restoration of Greek democracy, contributed to the achievement of that common goal. It has to be added that in 1970, the Greek dictatorial regime, reacting to the authorís anti-junta campaign in the United States, revoked his Greek citizenship.

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